How to Tune your Guitar

Ideally, you should own a guitar tuner to make sure you're always perfectly in tune before playing. Check out my Kit page for a tuner.

If you don't have one handy, use the Fender Online Tuner to tune up.

Learn different ways of tuning your guitar by watching this video by Fender:


A Minor Pentatonic Ascending (pattern 1)

The minor pentatonic scale is one of the most widely used scales in rock music.

A Minor Pentatonic Descending (pattern 1)

A Minor Pentatonic (pattern 2)

The minor pentatonic scale is the natural minor scale but with the 2nd and 6th notes omitted.

A Minor Pentatonic (pattern 3)

C Major Scale Ascending

The Major Scale is also known as the Ionian Mode.

C Major Scale Descending

A Natural Minor

The Natural Minor Scale is also known as the Aeolian Mode.

Chord Progressions


Probably the most popular progression in modern music. This progression can be heard in Whitesnake's Here I Go Again, Led Zeppelin's Rock and Roll and the favourite song of every beginner guitarist The Troggs' Wild Thing.

In the key of G Major


A very popular progression found in Journey's Don't Stop Believin', Steve Winwood's Higher Love and Elton John's Can You Feel the Love Tonight.

In the key of G Major

Beginner Riffs

Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple

Since You've Been Gone - Rainbow

To avoid playing the A string in the big G5 power chord, lightly touch your thumb on the A string to mute it. This allows you to strike all of the strings without sounding the A.

Here I Go Again (Chorus) - Whitesnake

I Believe in a Thing Called Love - The Darkness

You can play the two-fingered power chords using fingers 1 and 4, or fingers 1 and 3, whichever is the most comfortable for you. Notice the slight bend on a note in the last bar.